Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hello Again!! Since I am totally new to blogging I am going to attempt to put some before pictures here of my craft room. We had already started on it at this point but you can still get an idea how bad it was. I am really embarrassed to show these but since this is the beginning of my journey I need to. This room is actually the back half of my garage that was already remodeled when I bought this house. Kind of a bonus room since my house is pretty small. The front half is used for storage, and yes, I have MORE craft "stuff" out there buried in boxes and bins.

This is the view from the door of my kitchen into the craft room. We had already cleaned off the shelves on the wall back there and the corner desk. My 2 craft tables are buried right in front of the wall of bins. They used to be in the middle of the room facing each other but I moved them to make room to work.

This is inside the door to the left. I have 2 bookcases there and on top of them I have my template, sticker and die cut binders. I used fabric paint to label the handles so I would know what was in each one;

Here are the same binders, my bookcases and the start of my wall of bins;

My wall of bins. These are all full of various craft supplies. Yarn, dolls, glass jars and wood things to paint, fabric, you name it. There is actually a door to the outside behind them;

Bins & Shelves;

My old desk. There is a huge, gray, 4 drawer lateral file cabinet behind the bins and boxes;

My punches are hanging on the door into the front half of the garage. You can see the end of the gray file cabinet here and there is a white metal cabinet to the right of the door too;

My wall of drawers. The white metal cabinet is on the left and there is a 4 drawer file cabinet full of 8 1/2 x 11 paper in the corner. These drawers are full of embellishments, cutting systems, cross stitch supplies, plastic canvas supplies, and just crafty junk. There are unfinished crochet projects in the small tubs on top of them;

More of the Wall of drawers back to the door to the kitchen. I have a small white pantry on the end that I keep kitchen appliances in. This wall will have a small refridgerator and upright freezer on it and some shelves above it for kitchen storage when the room is all done. ( My kitchen doesn't have a lot of storage ) The fridge and freezer are in the front of the garage right now and I need easier access to them.

Last one for now!! We are back at the kitchen door.

So now my journey really gets started. I am so excited about it!! My older grandsons are coming over one day next week while they are out of school to help me haul all the boxes and bins to the spare bedroom. We are hoping to get it painted ( wait until you see the colors!! ) between Christmas and New Years and to put the shelves up right after that. We are going to get the shelves cut to size and then I will have to paint them once they are cut. That will take me a while. I am hoping we can be all done and I can start sorting and putting things away by mid January. Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Welcome To My Blog!!

Hi!! Welcome to my blog!! A little about me first. My name is Pam. I am 52 years old and I live in Colorado. I have 1 daughter and 5 grandkids that I am very proud of. I am starting a new journey in my life after retiring in July '08 due to several disabilities and I am hoping you will join me as I blog it here. I have a room in my house that was my craft room and over the years, as my health deteriorated and my hours increased at my job, it became sorely neglected and a big catch all. A disaster area in other Since I have been home now for almost 6 months and have a lot of time on my hands, I am finding I am really missing all my crafts. This blog is to record my journey of completely redoing my craft room and then showing you all the different things I create after it's put back together. I recently purchased a Cricut Expression (I named her "Big Mama" and since I am a bit of a Big Mama myself, if the shoe fits I and a Cuttlebug and am really anxious to try my hand at cardmaking and a few other papercrafts. I also purchased Design Studio and am hoping eventually I will master it well enough to make some .cut files of my own. SCAL files may be a good possibility in the future also. I also love to crochet and do some decorative painting, but I'm not all that good at it. Donna Dewberry I am not, though I have tried to learn her style of painting. I love to paint clay pots and glass jars I am hoping you will find something to interest you here and will come back often!! Hugs, Pam in Colorado