Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Have Been Tagged!!

I feel so honored!! Thrifty Granny over at Granny's Thrifty Scrapbook Blog thought enough of my blog to tag me...lol. Check out her blog. She has a lot of wonderful cards over there. From what I understand, when you are tagged, you are to go to your pictures and pick the 6th folder and then the 6th picture in that folder. Post it and explain what it is all about. So here is my 6th folder and 6th picture!!

This is my 9 year old Grandson Dre opening one of his Christmas presents at my house Christmas Eve. I am just glad it wasn't the 5th picture because he had the present in front of his face in that one...LOL. He is my 4th grandchild of 5 and a definate charmer. They were all here that day/night and we had fun baking runny cookies and cake that didn't rise and then we ate pizza and Gramma's Creamy Cheesy Hammy Potato soup for supper. The soup is a tradition I think now because they always ask for it. Our baking skills were definately lacking because we forgot the high altitude adjustments...lol. Now I remember why baking cookies at grammas house is slicing the ones with the pictures in the middle and baking them...lol...

So now it is my turn to tag 6 well deserving bloggers that I love. I've chosen Amber, Okie, Nilda, Glenda, Alex and Alice. I follow all their blogs very close and every one of them have tons of learning tools and ideas. Check them out!!

Paint Colors

It's been a bit since I have posted so thought I would show you the paint colors we picked out for the Craft Room. We have been kind of at a standstill the last couple of weeks because my 5 grandkids have been keeping my daughter very busy with their sports and school in general. Hopefully she can help me more this weekend. We do have the room almost all cleaned out now though. We just need to get some help with the heavier boxes and furniture. My neighbor said he would primer/paint the whole room with his sprayer since our first coat in the room is going to be white anyways. The trim is going to stay white so that will save us a ton of time trimming. Plus he said he would spray all the shelves too!! I am really getting more excited the closer we get. So here are my colors!!

They look a lot darker than they really are here. I think because I scanned them in. They are actually more pastelly. (is that a word?) The ceiling is going to be blue (sky) and as you walk in the room from the kitchen the left wall will be purple (flowers?), then yellow (sun), green (grass) & peach as you go around the room. My little granddaughter insisted I have purple and I like peach so that's what we ended up with. So what do you think!! I want this to be a FUN room, but didn't want it to look like the inside of a circus tent either so I didn't want any bright or primary colors. My daughter actually suggested doing all the different colors and I figure it is only paint and we can paint over it if I don't like it. Besides, I can blame her if it turns out bad...lol. I want whoever owns this house after me to walk in this room and go "What the ???? was she thinking???"...lol. I actually think it will be fine with the white trim, white shelves and hardware to break it all up, plus my craft tables and jetmax cubes are white. Once the shelves do go up and I get done filling them with all my jun ...er... "stuff", I don't think you will be able to see all that much of the wall colors anyway. The white should break it up a lot. My daughter wants to paint clouds on the ceiling too but I'm not too sure about that. We'll see!! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Moving It All Out

Hello again!! My daughter and grandsons came over December 23rd and started moving all the bins, boxes and drawers out of the craft room, or as they call it Gramma's Crap Room...lol. They worked hard and got a lot of it moved into the spare bedroom. We had taken the bed down in there and leaned it against the wall just to make more room, but it still wouldn't all fit. I wanted to get these pictures posted to show you where we are at now. Things have been on hold with the holidays and all but hopefully I will be able to get in there and get more of it packed up this coming week. She will be here next Saturday to finish up packing and moving the furniture out, and hopefully we can start painting then.

As you can see we did make some progress.

View from the kitchen door

The bookcases. We haven't packed them up yet.

The wall of bins is gone. Now you can actually see the door outside.

Not much change here yet.

What a mess!! More boxes to be packed and more junk to pack in them...lol.

There's that file cabinet!! I knew it was back there somewhere!!

And there is the little file cabinet that is full of paper!!

Almost all of the wall of drawers are gone too!

These really aren't good pictures but they give you an idea of what my spare bedroom looks like right now...lol. These were taken from the doorway. Everything is stacked wall to wall and pretty much floor to ceiling. That is the ceiling fan light in there and it is solid boxes and bins all the way back to the walls.

Thanks For Looking and Please Leave Me A Comment!! Hugs, Pam

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Goals

I have decided to post my goals for the New year here so I can see how I did next New Years. The last one will be the toughest but I can do it.

My goals for the New Year are;

1. Finish Craft/Scrap room redecorating. Paint, shelves etc..

2. Unpack & Organize my tons of scrap and craft supplies ( packed for room redo. This one will take months...lol )

3. Stop COLLECTING supplies and actually use them...lol.

4. Learn to make cards

5. Learn and use Cricut Design Studio more.

6. Explore the different uses for my Cricut Expression - etched glass, vinyl, making embossing folders etc..

7. Organize my pictures and do more LO's

8. Buy and learn SCAL

9. Keep track of my crafting expenses for the year. ( not sure I really want to know this one...lol )

10. De clutter and organize my house more. Get rid of my HOT SPOTS!!

11. Go back on South Beach Diet ( I lost 44 lbs in '08 - Long way to go yet but I LOVE this diet )

Leave me a comment and let me know what your goals are!!