Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mermaid Tags

I have been busy making Mermaid tags for our little swap this month! I have been having a blast and decided to enter them in a couple of contests. Thank goodness for Oh My Crafts Stickles sale because I used a ton of them on these tags. Believe me, they are a LOT more sparkly than what these pictures show. I am going to have to go order more because I did empty a few bottles. Most of the cardstock and paper is from my stash or the open stock at Michael's. I also used the Dolly Dumpling Face Stamps from Peachy Keen Stamps. I love Peachy Keen and buy their stamps every chance I get. They are such nice people over there too. Ok, Here are My Mermaid Tags. All the cuts are from PPDU.

Both Tags

My Girl Mermaid

My Boy Mermaid

Friday, July 3, 2009


OMG!! I finally got my craft room tables cleaned off enough that I could get in there and actually do a little crafting. I even got my Cricut Expression set up so I could use it too! I am so excited!! Of course it was madness in the midst of mayhem but I had sooo much fun! It just made me want to get that room together and all my stuff unpacked all the more. I am pretty limited in what I can do right now without all my "stuff" Anyways, I made Twinchies for a small swap I was in over on the Cricut Message Boards Night Owls Thread. Now, understand, I have not done any kind of real scrapping or crafting in years!! The swap was Twinchies with a red, white and blue theme. Here they are !!

They turned out much better than I expected and I am just thrilled with them. I used SCAL to cut them out on my Cricut. I got the files from Dragonhome's Place and since I am so new to SCAL I used a wonderful tutorial for Inkscape from Brandilynn's Blog to take apart the hat so I could piece it. I used a ton of stickles and glitter on these and then I popped everything off the Twinchie except the red fireworks. Next month's swap is summertime tags and I hope I do half as well as I did with these. It feels sooo good to be crafting a little bit again!!

Ahhh, the craft room. I sat tonight and wrote out a plan of action. That craft room has really overwhelmed me lately because there is just so much to do. My main problem with it has been just where to start and I finally figured out I can't really do anything until I figure out just where I want things to be. Right now most of what is on my shelves is empty storage that I will use, but it is just plain taking up space. Everything else is just kind of sitting up there where I set it. I decided I need a desk area ( my desk, office supplies etc...) a wet area ( paint, stamping, markers etc...) a BIG scrap area, a needlearts area ( Crochet, cross stitch, pc ) and a miscellaneous crafts area ( Wire, Quilling, foamy things for the GK's etc..). I have decided now where they will all be so now I really need to basically start over and get the stuff on the shelves more organized and in it's home. I am getting a desk/dresser type thing from a friend and after I get it painted I am going to use it for my wet area. My paint racks will fit on it with plenty of room left for other supplies and I will still be able to work. It's cool because it is like a desk on one side and a dresser on the other so it will have plenty of storage. I am going to put it on the green wall and move the jetmax cubes and possibly my paper drawers to the yellow wall. That wall will all be my scrap storage area. The credenza that is there now is going out the door. Half the purple wall will be Misc crafts and the other half on the other side of the outside door will be needlearts. The peach wall is desk and office supplies. Plus I will have 2-3 craft tables in the middle to scrap/work at too. My E is staying on them. I am really loving my Ott lights too. I got 2 of them when J's had them on sale for 75% off and they are wonderful!! My eyes haven't really bothered me working on the twinchies and I think it's because of them. OK, I am writing a novel I am just excited because I have a plan of action. Working on the twinchies really made me want to get this room together more, so I just needed to sit and take a good hard look at it. Now, just to get it done!! I sat and sorted all my wood stampers tonight and they are all organized and on the right shelf so I have begun!! Wish me luck cuz I am going to need it. I promise when I get it cleaned up a little more I will post more pics!