Thursday, February 19, 2009

Craft Room Update

There has been lots going on the last 2 weeks!! The white primer coat of paint has been sprayed in the craft room!! Woo Hooo!! We are still going to have to brush a coat on the trim I think. But FINALLY the painting has begun!! I haven't really been able to go out there yet because he just sprayed the 2nd coat Tuesday but my daughter stopped by and that was her verdict. I will take some pictures when we start putting on the colors. I can't wait!! I want to get it set up sooo bad so I can start crafting!!

I have been a shopping fool this past week. I got my tax return back last Friday and it's been spend, spend, spend since. I got 3 more jet max cubes from Michaels which gives me a total of 15 now. I just love those things!! I also got a bunch of their little $1 bin stampers and ribbon. Walmart loves me this week too. I got a bunch of stuff I have been putting off, plus I got 2 more of the Sterlite 12 x 12 drawers for my paper. Now I have decided I need 2 more and hopefully that should do it. I also bought a blue Bind It All from an online friend. It should be here soon and I am so anxious to try it. One of my first projects I think will be to make my Mom a book with pics of all 5 of her grandkids and all 5 of her great grandkids that she can show off. What else did I buy? I placed 2 seperate orders from Joann's. I think I got 7 new DCWV paper stacks all together, not all the new ones but all are new to me. I also ordered 2 Ott Lights for my craft tables, some Disney Princess paper and some cute mini stamps. Other places, I ordered some house mouse stamps, 2 12 x 24 mats for my Cricut Expression plus the Wild Card cartridge, and some O wires and covers etc... for the BIA. Peachy Keen Stamps is having a sale Saturday so I am going to order the Animal Kingdom Faces and the Doodlecharms Winter Faces then. I can't draw to save my life so I NEED these I am on the fence about an ATG gun too. I have TONS of adhesive already so it's up in the air. I have to curb my spending after that because I still want to get a new computer. I haven't decided if I want another laptop or a desktop to put in the craft room. I am keeping this laptop too so I will have portability no matter what. Decisions,

OH, I ordered A Scrap Rack!! And it should be delivered today!! I am watching for the UPS man to come. I just ordered the base unit with 7 spinders to start with to see how I like it. Remember all those green PSB Binders on my bookcase? I am hoping to empty all of them onto a scrap rack eventually. It is kind of pricey but I need to get all that out where I can see it and then I will use it more I think (I hope). I also think the dividers and pages I have in the PSB will fit the Scrap Rack so it will just be a matter of transferring everything. What I like about the scrap rack is that it is expandable and you can expand it a little or a lot at a time. I just ordered it Saturday and it is due for delivery today so their shipping is fast too. I will definately let you know how I like it. Well, one thing is for sure, if I ever get this craft room done I will have plenty to keep me busy. I have been playing some in Design Studio and actually pulled out the Expression and made a few cuts from it so I know it I also downloaded Inkscape and the trial version of SCAL. I LOVE SCAL!! I have almost 20,000 fonts and it was WONDERFUL to be able to use any one I wanted. I am going to get the full version as soon as I find a little time. Now Inkscape is another story. I used Paint Shop Pro X when I had a signature tag group over on Yahoo, and Inkscape looks pretty similar, but I was not very good at vector graphics even after taking some online classes. I think it is just overwhelming me a bit and I need to take some time to sit and play in it and figure it out. I will also look for some tutorials for it. Doing helps me a lot more than reading about it. Wish me luck!!

On the home front, my oldest grandson is wrestling in the State Wrestling Tournament up in Denver this weekend. He took 1st in his weight class last weekend at Regionals and my sophmore took 5th, just missing states by 1 place. My oldest grandson is ranked #1 in the state in his region and weight class right now. I am hoping like crazy he wins 1st place this year. He is pretty determined after his 6th place finish last year, and when that kid makes up his mind to do something it is pretty much done. I wish him all the luck in the world.

For those of you that don't know what a Scrap Rack is click HERE to check it out.

OK, I am going to go stalk the UPS man and the mailman both to see where some of my stuff You all have a good day and I will update again real soon!! Hugs, Pam

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