Thursday, September 10, 2009

Craft Room Update

Hi Everyone!! Well, I have been working my franny off in the craft room and I think all I am doing is making a bigger mess! I unloaded a bunch of bins and boxes of mostly books and magazines so now I have all that to get straightened up. I just set them up on the shelves that I wanted them to be on and I still need to sort through them and get them in magazine holders etc... AND I know I have more yet because I am missing several years of some scrap magazines I had subscriptions for. I think that is the most frustrating part of trying to put this room together is that everything is scattered and I keep finding more after I think I have it all together. I decided to get rid of that brown credenza and it now has a new home in a campground office up in the mountains. I got an old desk from a friend and decided I wanted to use it in my "wet" area where I will do stamping and decorative painting and things involving anything wet. The desk is the perfect size to hold my 3 paint racks and then still have room to work and drawers for storage. I ended up putting 3 coats of paint on that thing and still touching it up some because I didn't realize the drawers went in further than I thought. We spray painted the handles an aluminum color and I love it!! We got it moved in the other day and I started loading it up last night. I moved my Jet Max cubes to the yellow wall and right now I am trying to figure out a way to get my paper drawers to fit next to them so I can sit when I am looking through them for paper or cardstock. I think I have it figured out. Now I have to move the cubes down about 4 more inches. SO I just wanted to show you my new to me desk.

Here are the drawers before I painted them. I had already taken the handles off at this point and washed them down real good. The pictures of the desk didn't come out very good but the whole desk pretty much looked like this.

And here is my finished product!! It turned out soooo good. I just love it!!

And of course since it is going to be my "wet" desk it has to have the "bling" drawer. Of course I have already rearranged it a couple of times. OHHH, and my stickle holder I made!! Stephanie, from the Cricut Message Boards had made one and was courteous enough to share how she did it. I measured mine so it would fit in the desk drawer and I even have room still to expand my collection. I want to make another small one for on my desktop for the colors I am currently using. That way I can still keep them upside down. Plus I want to make one with bigger holes for the Ice Stickles.


  1. Your desk is so pretty! You did a terrific job painting it. I love your stickles holder too! Your room is coming along beautifully. Hope you get some time to create too.

  2. Breaking a few eggs fro the omlette Pam! :) Looking good!

  3. Thank you Pam for subscribing to Digi Kitty's blog. We have a wonderful challenge going on right now with a fREEBIE up too and the chance to win free stamps. Hope you will join us!

    Purrs & Kisses,
    Digi Kitty

  4. omg, I love the stickle holder!!