Monday, March 21, 2011

ProvoCraft, MTC & SCAL Uproar

Boy, there is sure an uproar going on over on the Cricut message board, any Yahoo groups related to MTC & SCAL, and anything Cricut related on Facebook. I have been reading it all with great interest as I am an owner of the SCAL software, about 43 Cricut Cartridges and a Cricut Expression. AND, I have kept my mouth shut up to  SOOOO, here is where I stand on the whole mess.

While I have not always been happy with Prove Craft and some of their business practices as a company, I do love my Expression for what it is, a cartridge based system, and for what it does. I won't be tossing it all in a dumpster or selling it on ebay or joining any groups to boycott the company or to NOT boycott the company. I enjoy my machine and cartridges and hopefully can continue to enjoy them for many years to come. I bought all of it not even knowing about SCAL and MTC and loved it for what it was at the time, and my feelings have not changed. I will be keeping it and buying a few cartridges here and there even. I will probably even replace it when it dies.

I also have SCAL. And I also enjoy the freedom it gives me to cut whatever I want. It is a good software program in and of itself and there are tons of free files out there that suit my needs and very tight budget. I have also played with the trial of MTC and like it also. It may possibly be a future investment for me as the budget allows. And I do use SCAL with my E. I bought it to use with my E knowing full well that PC did not approve and could, or would, block it at any time. That was the chance I chose to take when I invested my hard earned money into it. I KNEW what I was getting into and walked into it with my eyes wide open.

All that being said, I can see both sides of this dilemma. So my decision, which I am not trying to push off on anyone and is strictly my personal choice, is, for now, until there is a ruling in the SCAL case, I will continue to use it with my E until I am told I can't any more. HOWEVER, in the meantime, I am also checking into other cutters that are SCAL and MTC friendly. Right now there are tons of companies working WITH SCAL and MTC so the software will work on their machines. And while I love my PC products, they aren't the only game in town when it comes to cutters, and there is no law that says I can't have more than one. I am choosing to remain neutral in this conflict because I love all of the products and software and this is the best decision for me. I will be saving for a long time for another cutter but eventually I will have one that is compatable and legal to use with SCAL and MTC.  Who knows, maybe I will like it better, but for now I am happy with what I have. Hugs, Pam


  1. very very well put Pam, I agree with you I too purchased my bugs before these other programs came on the scene, I knew it was cartridge base, that was my choice.

  2. I totally agree with you Pam. I don't have SCAL or MTC, but eventually I would love to be able to get another cutting machine that will be compatible with those programs. In the meantime, I am doing just fine with my E and what carts that I have. And I plan on buying more carts in the future. Oh, do I have a wish list!! :)

    Joy in the journey,

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