Saturday, January 3, 2009

Moving It All Out

Hello again!! My daughter and grandsons came over December 23rd and started moving all the bins, boxes and drawers out of the craft room, or as they call it Gramma's Crap They worked hard and got a lot of it moved into the spare bedroom. We had taken the bed down in there and leaned it against the wall just to make more room, but it still wouldn't all fit. I wanted to get these pictures posted to show you where we are at now. Things have been on hold with the holidays and all but hopefully I will be able to get in there and get more of it packed up this coming week. She will be here next Saturday to finish up packing and moving the furniture out, and hopefully we can start painting then.

As you can see we did make some progress.

View from the kitchen door

The bookcases. We haven't packed them up yet.

The wall of bins is gone. Now you can actually see the door outside.

Not much change here yet.

What a mess!! More boxes to be packed and more junk to pack in

There's that file cabinet!! I knew it was back there somewhere!!

And there is the little file cabinet that is full of paper!!

Almost all of the wall of drawers are gone too!

These really aren't good pictures but they give you an idea of what my spare bedroom looks like right These were taken from the doorway. Everything is stacked wall to wall and pretty much floor to ceiling. That is the ceiling fan light in there and it is solid boxes and bins all the way back to the walls.

Thanks For Looking and Please Leave Me A Comment!! Hugs, Pam


  1. Hi Pam, It looks like you have a huge job ahead of you! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have SCAL. It is so easy to use to cut letters and weld them together. I also get a lot of SVG files from Dan99 (see my blog) that he gives away every Saturday. Im not so clever myself! :) Nice to meet you. Linda

  2. You have a job ahead of you!!! Thank Goodness that your daughter and neighbor are there to help...and just think, after it's all get to play all day!!
    I'll be following you, and seeing how it's going!!
    Good Luck!!

  3. looks like you have a stamp vending machine, lol. wow, you gotta lot of stuff! God Bless You. :)

  4. whoops, i meant to say a hole punch vending machine, hee hee.

  5. Hello there, I was wondering what is that you have your punches in??? And where can I get one? Thanks!!!!

  6. Ruth, I believe it is made by Crop In Style and is called a Punch Pal. I have had them about 10 years so I don't really remember and they are packed away somewhere right now so I can't look. There are 3 of them hooked together on the door. You can see them here but you can probably find them cheaper somewhere else. I think I paid around $30 each for mine but it was a long time ago.